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Where is Zombieland?
We are located at 1311 Oturoa Road just off State Highway 5 Rotorua. (20mins from Rotorua central)
Do you have EFTPOS?
No but we do accept Cash, Company Cheques and Internet bank transfers.
I did not make a booking but I would still like to play today, can I just show up?
You are welcome to show up as we can always put your group on one of our other exciting fields if we already have a booking running. However, we ask for your patience as we are often busy.
I want to play at Zombieland TODAY but the gate is closed and I did not make a booking, what do I do?
Call the numbers provided on the gate in front of you, quite often we are able to open up and run a game for you within 10 minutes.
What do we need to bring with us?
Please bring clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty in. Closed in footwear (no jandles) wet weather gear if it’s raining.
Do you still operate if it’s raining?
YES! Paintball bookings go ahead if it’s raining. Laser Tag games still run in light rain. If you’re unsure about the weather please contact us.
Can I play Paintball or Laser Tag at night at Zombieland?
Yes, it’s one of our specialities. We have a specially designed night field lit by powerful LED Lights and a full sound system for your enjoyment!
Do you supply overalls?
We do not supply overalls as they are very unhygienic and are unable to be cleaned and dried for every person who plays over the day. Our paint is water washable if washed the same day.
What safety gear is provided?
We provide protective head gear to all paintball players, we also supply upper body armour for female players if they wish to wear it.
How safe is it to play paintball?
Provided you pay attention to the Safety Briefing that you will be given before you play and wear the protective helmet at ALL TIMES on the playing field its one of the safest recreational outdoor sports around.
I am a spectator, is there anywhere safe for me to watch the games from?
Yes, we have huge safety nets in front of the BBQ & Spectator areas
Are we allowed to bring alcohol to Zombieland?
Alcohol is permitted at Zombieland but must NOT be consumed before any paintball bookings, you will not be allowed to play if you have been drinking. We also ask that you drink responsibly and respect other people while you are a guest at Zombieland.
What is the minimum age for Paintball?
The minimum age we allow to play is 12 Years. Younger children do not fit the helmets correctly and that could compromise their safety on the field.
What is the minimum age for Laser Tag?
6 years old for the standard laser tag and 15 years old for the iCombat Laser Tag.
How long does a Paintball booking take at Zombieland?
Our standard Paintball booking runs for about 1 1/2 Hours. ($45.00 / 200 Paintballs) with a minimum of 2 x 20 min games. Larger packages are available on request.
Can we buy extra Paintballs?

YES! We always have plenty of fresh paintballs here, if you want to buy more they’re
$20.00 for 150 Balls
$50.00 for $500Balls.

What Paintball guns do you have?
Our field guns are all TIPPMANN FT12 2013 model markers we also have the latest SPYDER HAMMER7 Pump Action Guns and TIPPMANN TANGO’S We run all of our guns on High Pressure Air for the best performance!
How long does a Laser tag booking take?
Our standard Laser Tag Booking runs for 20 minutes ($15.00 P/P) on the field so allow a good half hour here. Our Back to Back Package ($25.00 P/P) is 2 x 20 minute games so you will be here about and hour. iCombat ($50.00P/P) is 2 x 20 min games so allow 1 hour.
What is iCombat?
iCombat is the coolest thing to ever happen to laser Tag, Imagine Call Of Duty but in Real Life! Check out the video on the home page!
How do I make a booking?
Call Zombieland on 07 332 5450 or fill out our online Enquiry form and we will get back to as soon as possible.
What if I am late to my booking?
Please be on time for your booking. Most weekends we are booked solid @ Zombieland so if you arrive late your games will be cut short.
What if I need to cancel my booking?
Please contact us with fair warning of your cancellation (24hrs minimum) If you fail to contact us and do not show up for your booking it will be treated as fraud and the appropriate action will be taken.
What happens if I damage the gear provided at Zombieland?
Our guns and gear are of the highest quality in NZ. We take pride in what we have to offer our clients. If you damage our gear through careless play or stupidity you will be charged for it.


Zombieland Paintball and Laser War(Formally Adrenalin Paintball Ltd) was created in early 2013 in an effort to stand apart from all other paintball operations.

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality unforgettable experience to our clients. Utilising the latest, most advanced Paintball & Laser War equipment and original games designs means you won't be chasing flags or running around inflatable shapes like many other fields in NZ.

We are locally owned and operated here in Rotorua and been in the business of showing people a great time for over 6 years. Zombieland is actively involved in supporting local schools for fundraising events and also donates yearly to the Ronald McDonald Family Retreat.

We know you’ll have a great time at Zombieland!


Exciting battles brought to life.


Entertainment for you & your family!


Games like no other!


Extreme battlefield experience.


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